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Cranial Shiatsu

Une approche naturelle de votre bien-être

A branch of Shiatsu massage that is now very popular is the cranial Shiatsu massage. This is similar to the Shiatsu body massage, but the only difference is that the pressure applied by the fingertips is less intense.


The benefits of cranial Shiatsu:


Cranial Shiatsu massage plays an important role on stress and blood circulation. This process induces an energy supply and ensures the awakening of certain particular points of the cranial box. It works mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

It is a suitable method of massage, when you suffer from headaches, anxiety or even insomnia.

Cranial Shiatsu massage has the ability to irrigate the scalp, creating a feeling of relaxation. Known to facilitate blood circulation, this type of massage is advocated to combat congested scalp and even hair loss.

*Shiatsu does not replace any medical treatment, it only acts as a complement.

The course of a cranial Shiatsu
A cranial Shiatsu massage session lasts 30 minutes.

The practitioner imposes light pressure points on all the meridians of the person's head. As a result, heat is released from the body of the massaged person and there is adequate relaxation.

The practitioner will suggest that you stretch your legs and close your eyes to be more relaxed. The latter will combine classic scalp massage techniques with acupressure on certain specific points of the skull.

The practitioner uses various movements, among which the compression of the areas of your shoulders, your neck and your head. Also, the energy lines and pressure points of your head are not left out.

Guidelines for Cranial Shiatsu
When the person comes to an appointment with the Shiatsu practitioner, they must wear loose clothing.

Since the practitioner who practices Shiatsu exerts pressure using his fingers, thumbs or palms, he must be informed if you feel any discomfort during the massage. Although normally during the massage, the person may experience deep relaxation, a tingling sensation and may also sometimes fall asleep.

Conclusion on Cranial Shiatsu

The practice of cranial Shiatsu of the neck and shoulders is similar to acupuncture. This is why Shiatsu is recommended to relieve various conditions such as migraines, headaches, sleep cycle disturbance,  neck pain...

It is for people of all ages who want to release emotional and physical tension.

Cranial Shiatsu massage can provide long-term relief.

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